As the social media revolution continues, Instagram has become the rider’s choice for uploads and browsing. With our attention spans ever decreasing Instagram’s 1-minute video limit is perfect for keeping things short, sweet and packed full of hammers. Besides the lively entertainment factor it’s also the perfect place to stay current on all things snowboarding, from video teasers to the latest boards – it’s all there if you follow some of these serial grammars.


Insta-HaldorHalldor Helgason @halldor_helgason

Seriously fun and quite often ridiculous snowboarding, Haldor throws it down with unique style and also takes his far share of heavy slams. He also co-owns his own snowboard and bindings company with his brother @eiki.helgason.








Insta-DanDanny Davis @Travelindan

A man of nature and insanely smooth style. Whether its backcountry or half pipe Danny Davis is at the top of the game. Check out his switch method!!






Insta-XaviaXavier Delerue @xavierdelerue

Regarded as one of the freeride legends, there’s not many lines Xavier hasn’t concurred. Hailing from France and 3 times world freeride champion.






Insta-MullerNicolas Muller @nicolasmuellair

Arguably one of the best methods in the business and somehow managed to still ride like a teenager. Check Muller out for big lines and plenty of upside down tricks.






Insta-AnnaAnna Gasser @annagassersnow

The big hitter from Austria. She’s been dominating the competition circuit lately as current US Open and World Champion.






Insta-JohnJackJohn Jackson @johnjamun

This is really a lifestyle that could bog you down on a Monday morning. Just when you’re settling into a new week in the office this guys camping out in some remote hut in the wilderness.






Insta-JamieJamie Nichols @jamienichollsuk

Team GB! Jamie’s the one repping it for us Brits. Known for amazing top-to-bottom runs, especially in the local snow dome.






Insta-KlevelandMarcus Kleveland @marcuskleveland

A slowmo button would be useful for these types of tricks. This dude from Norway is a spinning machine like no other.