Skiing the whole mountain with total enjoyment is the Holy Grail of skiing.  With a mixture of different skiing styles each day, the All-Mountain Courses provide a unique insight into the tools and techniques needed to ski the whole mountain.

The course is designed to allow you to experience and encounter parts of the mountain that you would not necessarily have explored on your own. It is also a fantastic opportunity to meet other like-minded people.

Experience: for those who are confident on red runs and wish to be introduced to the rest of the mountain.

  • Tip the skis onto their edges and carve you way around the pistes. Ultimate instructors can train you to use a pair of skis to their full potential on piste, which is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding parts of skiing.
  • Turn your legs faster to make shorter turns. This is the basis of skiing a wide range of conditions including off-piste and moguls; getting to grips with them now could save you time and energy.
  • Control your speed, and absorb the bumps.  Keeping the skis in contact with the snow is vital to achieve full control.  Your coach will advise you on how and when to use your ankles, knees and hips, to stay balanced on your skis
  • Adapt your skills to feel confident off-piste. Venturing off the piste into softer snow can sometimes be intimidating, but a few simple changes in your balance and movements will keep you in control.

Performance: for those who are confident on black runs and have experience in skiing off-piste and bumps.:

  • Keep the skis carving even when pistes get steeper and tougher. Your coach will explain how to keep the skis on their edges through a variety of turn radius, using skill drills to help you maintain and understand your balance.
  • Make short turns with more style and finesse. Use short turns to master steeper slopes in total control. Your coach will provide you with suitable terrain to challenge your short turn development.
  • Tackle moguls of all shapes and sizes, using short turns combined with speed control. Develop the range of movements from the 3 key leg joints, to ski moguls anywhere on the mountain.
  • Push your comfort zone to tackle bigger bumps and ski faster on steeper and deeper terrain. The mountain has an indefinite amount of challenges available; your coach will find suitable terrain to test your ability.
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4 people to run, maximum of 6