Getting good at every part of snowboarding makes every day on the mountain more fun and enjoyable.  When there’s fresh snow we all love powder, when there’s no powder there’s the park, and when neither is an option everyone still wants to look cool and stylish on the piste.

The aims of All Mountain Rider course are to develop strong movement patterns, whilst also learning to adapt these movements to get the most out of your board in all aspects of snowboarding.

The Ultimate coaches will assess the conditions on each day of the course to determine which skills will be the most suitable to develop.

The All Mountain Rider course is offered in two different ability levels; Experience and Performance.

Experience: for those who are confident on red and most black runs and wish to be introduced to the rest of the mountain.

  • Tip the board on its edge and feel the carve take you round the curve. Ultimate coaches can train you to use your board to its full potential on piste.
  • Skilful twisting of the board will help to turn it quicker with more control; this is the key to riding a wider range of conditions.
  • Build on any freestyle skills you already have.  Our team with help you with jumps, boxes/rails and flatland tricks.
  • Adapt your skills to feel confident off-piste. Venturing off the piste into softer snow can sometimes be intimidating, but a few simple changes in your balance and movements will keep you in control.

Performance: for those who are very comfortable on black runs and have some experience of off-piste and the park.

  • Develop your piste performance to make every turn more dynamic.
  • You’ve got a couple of tricks in the bag. Ultimate coaches will help you expand your repertoire whether it is adding a spin, or tweaking that grab.
  • Push your comfort zone by tackling steeper more technically demanding terrain. The mountain has an indefinite amount of challenges available; your coach will find suitable terrain to test your ability.


4 people to run, maximum of 6