Ultimate Coaches offer the perfect opportunity to learn or develop your freestyle riding. Whether you are new to freestyle and the snow park and want to get to grips with flat land, jumps and boxes.  Or if you’re already familiar with the park and want to improve on your technical riding let one of coaches take you to the next level.

The Freestyle courses are offered in two levels: Experience and Performance

Freestyle experience – This course is aimed at those who haven’t really ridden the park and have fairly basic flatland skills. Our coaches will break down the skills required into simple steps for:

  • Flatland – we’ll cover ollies, nollies, presses and help you with the basics of buttering.
  • Jumps – learn how to tackle the run-in, taking off and landing effectively. Get confident at straight airs and a simple grabs.
  • Boxes/Rails – increase your awareness of rails and boxes. Using a safe progression, try the low boxes and rails and work on your basic balance with simple tricks.

Freestyle Performance – This course is aimed at those who are comfortable in the park, but are keen to step it up a bit and would like some quality coaching to increase their bag of tricks, such as:

  • Learning how to spin; using small hits to start before taking it to the park.
  • Tackling the larger kickers with confidence.
  • Becoming more technical on the boxes and rails.
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Minimum of 4 people to run. Maximum of 6 people per group.