2Wheelboard – Fad or Future?



This fairly recent 2 wheeled multi-terrain concept has been developed in Australia over the last few years. It’s a combination of skateboarding and snowboarding, using snowboard bindings on a small plastic deck and 2 large rubber wheels. The large wheels make it possible to take on most terrains and the bindings make it much easier to leave the ground than on a regular skateboard.

YouTube is already flooded with pretty impressive examples of how these boards can be used, taking full advantage of skate parks, street spots, dirt jumps and downhill. There is definitely a similarity in tricks compared to other board sports, including flip variations and board slides.

The 2Wheelboard without a doubt looks fun and is surely a great summer option for practising your aerial manoeuvres until the snow returns. Priced at $199 it’s not cheap, but shouldn’t take you too long to get your money’s worth. I can’t say I’m rushing out to buy one, but if the opportunity comes round to give one a try I’ll be first in line.

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