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Although Tignes is primarily a ski resort, there are still plenty of things to do in the summer when skiing isn’t available.

While most people visit the resort for its slopes, there are an abundance of alternative activities to enjoy after the snow melts.

Don’t believe us? Here are 5 activities to do in Tignes this summer.


In Tignes, you can feel true freedom through paragliding through the skies at heights and speeds that will take your breath away.

Paragliding is an amazing experience, that will captivate you and provide you a day you will never forget.

The whole flight is monitored by trained instructors, so you’ll be in safe hands!

Flying among the birds in the sky without being in a plane is not an opportunity you’ll get many times in your life, so why turn it down?


Acroland is an aquatic centre for daredevils and adrenaline junkies. With the centre featuring 4 different gigantic slides, you can slip and slide down and straight into the large lake, and you can even try to perform acrobatic flips in the air!

They also have a Blob Jump. A ‘Blob’ is a large, inflated plastic cushion. If you’re on the end of it and someone jumps on the other end, you’ll fly into the sky!

The ‘jumper’ jumps onto the Blob and flies the ‘Blobber’ on the other end up and into the lake. Just try not to belly flop!

Another attraction is flyboarding. These are essentially water jetpacks, so you can live out your dreams of being Iron Man and look cool at the same time.

Via ferrata

Via ferrata is a protected route and is essentially a mix of climbing and hiking. If you want to experience the sensation of rock climbing but are too nervous, this is a good middle ground to try.

You will use cables and other metal hardware to help you reach the summit. There are many different routes for all different skill levels, so there’s no need to worry about not being adequate for the challenge.

Of course, if you enjoy the climbing element, there are many more rock faces to have a go at ascending.

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River rafting

In the summertime, you will have the opportunity to go river rafting and kayaking. This is a great family experience and a fun day out for all.

There are many different courses to take, with two ‘discovery’ lessons for children and adults, to learn the basics of rafting.

There is also a ‘full initiation’ in which you are taken on a 21km tour, where you can experience the beautiful Alpine scenery.

Relax in Le Spa des Suites

If you simply aren’t feeling very active, or are just too tired, then there’s nothing better than going and relaxing in a spa.

Le spa des suites offers a classic spa experience: 3 treatment rooms, a sauna, jacuzzi, steam bath and many more options to choose from.

They also have fitness equipment if you’re feeling active, but not in the mood to go out and face the Alps. The area is quiet, and has an indoor swimming pool to relax in, and recover from all the tiring activities.

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