Having recently moved up in the technology world and got myself an iPhone, I have been looking at different snowsports apps to use for next winter. Here are a few potentials…

  • Ski Tracks

A tracking and logging app, using your phones GPS and other tools to record your maximum and average speed, distance travelled and steepest slope angle. No phone signal or data is needed to the recordings and at the end of the day you can pull all the data onto a map and compare your stats with your friends.

Download Ski Tracks for Android here or for apple here

  • FatMap

Not only is it a detailed 3D piste map with descriptions of every piste, locating suitable slopes for your ability, the best restaurants and the sunniest slopes it is also a great tool to use in the backcountry.

Fatmap gives detailed descriptions of slope aspects, gradients, altitude and information on the terrain, helping you to plan your route. It shows you famous off-piste routes, with knowledge of details gathered from resort locals, you can even track your off piste lines and share them with your friends.

  • Action Shot

Look like a pro! With the Action Shot App you can make your own sequences, deciding how many burst per second, it captures movement taking multiple shots, and adding them together to create an action montage.


  • SkiFit

Get fit for the upcoming winter! SkiFit offers quick workouts suitable for everyone, with different sets of exercises to help you get those ski legs back before the snow falls.


  • Ski on Neon

Boring lift companions? Ski your Neon-dressed skier down 36 different slopes, through speed trials, perfect their technique and even enter into the big air in this retro neon game.

ski on neon

  • Powder

If Ski on Neon isn’t up your street, Powder might be. Take your skier down the never ending mountain, dodging rocks and trees – and possibly snow monsters, but as yet there are no confirmed reports.

powder crashtown

  • Snowboard Tips

This tutorial app from French snowboarder Mathieu Bozzetto, helps you to develop your snowboarding technique and tricks, with easy to follow video demos and over 25 different lessons.

  • Riders  

Possibly one of my favourites. Riders gives your free access to hundreds of tutorials. Tricks are graded Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Pro, and there are descriptions and videos of all the tricks from other riders. You can record yourself, tag the name of the trick your doing and your video will be added to that page to help others out. Plus its not just for Skiing and Snowboarding – it’s available for 15 different sports from Freestyle Motorcross to Parkour!

tail press

See more ski tips from Riders here and Snowboard tips here

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