Ski Fashion: Why purchasing in the UK is cheaper than ever…

With the summer season coming to an end here in Tignes, this means only one thing…winter is on its way. With winter fast approaching, now is the time to start thinking about what trends will hit the slopes this season and preparing to get in front of the crowds with purchasing your winter ski apparel.

Ski Equipment

Want to hear something great? According to reports Ski gear, including clothing, skis and boots, is currently around 15 percent cheaper to buy in the UK than it is abroad. Retailers and suppliers have confirmed that due to the Great British pound’s falling value following Brexit, it is now much more cost efficient to buy from British stores rather than purchasing online from Europe.

Last season saw many UK stores suffering due to the strong pound as many customers found it cost effective to purchase apparel from online and overseas. Things are now however significantly different since the UK voted to leave the EU and we can definitely say that the boot is now confidently on the other foot. Due to this change, online retailers could also see an increase in sales from customers in Europe who are looking to get a better deal.

President of the trade body Snowsport Industries of Great Britain, Sam Noble said: “There are some good opportunities for British Snowsports stores at the moment as they could end up selling a lot of stuff back into Europe.”

For those of you who are happy to pick up last season’s lines at bargain prices, the best time for this is now! Many stores and online retailers are having sales during the summer period and at this moment in time it is substantially cheaper to buy from UK based shops with in some cases it being 15 to 20 percent cheaper. Ski gear is not going to get any cheaper than it currently is with many inferring that it is only going to get more expensive. It is easy to see from this how buying your ski gear early on is definitely advantageous.

Bavarian State BalletFor those of you that want to be a step above the fashion pack this winter, Grazia Magazine and Bogner Ski Wear, the most iconic fashion brand in the snow world are predicting chic snow camo and bold, bright shades of crimson and fuchsia to be key trends in the upcoming winter season.